Course EECI "Introduction to Discrete Event Systems"

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Course EECI "Introduction to Discrete Event Systems", Marseille, France



Module of 21 hours on "Introduction to Discrete Event Systems", taught by Stéphane Lafortune and Christos Cassandras, in Marseille, France, July 4-8, 2022.

While the area of discrete event systems started as a sub-discipline in control engineering almost 40 years ago, the study of discrete event systems (DES) remains highly relevant to control engineering problems nowadays, such as in cyber-physical systems, transportation, software engineering, and in the study of privacy and security in engineered systems. In fact, DES form the centerpiece of the event-driven (cyber) component in the hybrid systems that comprise much of today’s technology, complementing the time-driven (physical) components.

This course will strike a balance between introducing the students to the key concepts, models, and results of discrete-event control theory for logical and stochastic models, while at the same time emphasizing current research trends in DES theory and applications. 


More details about the program can be found at: www.eeci-igsc.eu / "EECI IGSC 2022 PROGRAM SUMMARY"