MSc internship: Agility and digitalisation

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LIMOS - Mines Saint-Etienne
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Title: Agile ramp-up and digitalisation

Overview : Changing customers’ requirements and turbulent business environments are challenging manufacturing and service companies. Agility become a crucial asset for companies to follow this pace and survive competition. Agility allows a more efficient and quick response to the changes. In this sense, many companies struggle to acquire necessary capabilities for ensuring agile manufacturing and service delivery. Failing to do so, companies are confronted to the critical consequences of slower processes and longer cycle time to market. Among the suitable approaches to address this issue can be cited, concurrent engineering to speed up the development time and production ramp-up management to speed up and improve the ramp-up process (shift from prototype to series production).
The current internship aims to investigate current practices, methods and supporting tools of agility, ramp-up and agile ramp-up, in the manufacturing sector, in particular in SMEs context (Small and Medium Sized Companies) and in light of the digitalisation opportunities. The internship will be conducted within the framework of the VARIETY project (
One major deliverable of the internship is a comprehensive review of the state of the art based on the scientific literature and on a survey, which should be designed and conducted. The general question to be dealt with in the review is to which extent are agility and agile ramp-up practices, methods and supporting tools using the potential of digitalisation. This question will be refined and sub-questions will be derived in order to guide the review process.
Desired candidate skills: Industrial management, analytical and synthesis capabilities, drafting skills.

  • Location: Mines Saint-Etienne.
  • Supervisor: Khaled Medini
  • Period: 5 to 6 months starting from February/March 2022.
  • Salary: 577€/month (scholarship).

Application procedure:

  • The application should include the following: short résumé, cover letter, transcripts of the past two years (including partial results of the current semester, if any).
  • Application and any request should be emailed to: 
  • Deadline: January 16st, 2022.