Call for ECC 2026 bids

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Call for ECC 2026 bids
Message from Karl H. Johansson, kallej@kth.se
EUCA President

Call for ECC 2026 bids
We now invite bids (proposals) from prospective hosts. ECC is held yearly, typically in July, in Europe. A list of past and upcoming ECC hosts is available at https://euca-ecc.org/ecc.html.

The deadlines and procedure for ECC bids will be as follows:
1.     May 9: Share your intent to bid for ECC 2026 by sending a brief email to EUCA (kallej@kth.se and emma.tegling@control.lth.se)  
2.     June 30: Final proposal to be sent to EUCA (kallej@kth.se and emma.tegling@control.lth.se)  
3.     July 12: Proposal to be presented at the EUCA General Assembly meeting (during ECC in London at 2.00-6.00pm).
4.     July 12: General Assembly vote on the presented proposals and select host for ECC 2026