[IFAC World Congress 2023] Open Invited Track on Control for Socio-Technical Network Systems

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[IFAC World Congress 2023] Open Invited Track on Control for Socio-Technical Network Systems

Title: Control for Socio-Technical Network Systems

Code for submitting contributions: 5xf1h

Track proposed by:
Giacomo Como, Paolo Frasca, Francesca Parise, Ketan Savla

The confluence of methods from control, game theory, and network science is increasingly driven by applications to large-scale complex socio-technical systems. Socio-technical systems are defined by the co-presence and interdependence of technological and human/social elements. Socio-technical systems appear in diverse domains of society and technology. Chief examples are transportation systems, in which the physics of traffic interplays with the collective choices of the users (drivers, pedestrians, commuters), as well as social media, in which users interact through online platforms (such as Facebook or YouTube) that act as information gate-keepers. Overall, these systems require specific tools to capture their salient features, including their intrinsic heterogeneity, the large size of the users’ pool, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence in their operation, the role of human decision making and the variety of spatial and temporal scales that are involved in their dynamics. This session aims to establish a forum to discuss both general methodologies and domain-oriented contributions, including collaborations with domain experts (social scientists, psychologists, transportation experts, and so on).

Link: https://www.ifac2023.org/submission/open-invited-track-list/#Control%20for%20Socio-Technical%20Network%20Systems