8-month Engineer Position in Embedded systems for robots

Type de recrutement
ISM - Equipe SBI - Marseille
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In the framework of the OrigaBot project, we propose an opportunity to develop and implement an innovative spinning drone composed of only one main propeller. By means of innovative solutions carried out at the laboratory, the engineer will be in charge to stabilize the drone. A flight arena composed of 15 motion capture cameras will be available for locating in real time the drone.

The engineer will be in charge to develop the control laws in charge of the stabilization of the spinning drone. A complete dynamic model and a Python simulator will be provided as well as a robotic platform equipped with an embedded efficient autopilot.

Funding: ANR Grant - Origabot project

Place : ISM Lab - SBI Team - Marseille


  • Master of sciences or Engineer degree
  • Control engineering, Mechanics, Robotics, C programming/Matlab/Python/ROS, Arduino/Teensy

SOFT SKILLS: Adaptability, high degree of autonomy, communicative.

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