Workshop: Neural fields equations, from Wilson-Cowan to neural engineering, Paris, 19-20 Juin 2023

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Workshop: Neural fields equations, from Wilson-Cowan to neural engineering, Paris, 19-20 Juin 2023

Workshop: Neural fields equations, from Wilson-Cowan to neural engineering

Paris, France, June 19-20th 2023


Dans le cadre de l'action "Automatique et Santé" du GDR MACS, nous sommes heureux d'annoncer le workshop pluridisciplinaire décrit ci-dessous (en anglais) sur les équations de Wilson-Cowan, modélisant l'activité de populations neuronales.

Venez nombreux !

Les coordinateurs de l'action "Automatique et Santé": , Jean-Julien Aucouturier, Antoine Chaillet, Jerome Cieslak


We are pleased to announce the workshop "Neural fields equations, from Wilson-Cowan to neural engineering" to be held at Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, in the center of Paris, on June 19-20th 2023. An abstract is provided below.


Invited speakers:

 - Stephen Coombes (University of Nottingham, UK) 
 - Romain Veltz (Inria Center of University Côte d'Azur, FR) 
 - Axel Hutt (Inria MIMESIS, FR) 
 - Marcelo Bertalmio (Spanish National Research Council, ES) 
 - Frédéric Chavane (Institute de neurosciences de la Timone, FR) 
 - Alain Destexhe (CNRS-NeuroPSI, FR) 
 - Alessio Franci (University of Liège, BE).

Registration is free but mandatory. Few selected talks will be added to the program, based on abstract submission (deadline: June 1st).


Workshop abstract:

The modeling of collective behavior within a neuronal population, initiated by the pioneering work of Wilson and Cowan, has been a great source of inspiration in the computational neuroscience community. Indeed, the focus on the overall neuronal activity of a brain structure, rather than on the detailed evolution of the electric response of single neurons, allows to adequately model a vast range of brain functions and opens the door to a mathematical understanding of the processes involved. Moreover, the spatio-temporal version of this model, known as neural fields, allows one to consider spatial heterogeneity within a cerebral structure, at the price of more demanding analysis tools.

Neural fields have been used in the investigation of a wide range of applications, including the modeling of sensory cortices, cognition, human-robot interaction, self-organizing maps, visual hallucinations, and deep brain stimulation. Despite great advances made on the mathematical understanding of these models, research on these models still progresses in several directions, including:
 - finer analysis of their behavior in a non-local regime
 - parameter identification based on experimental data
 - controllability analysis, e.g., to understand how to affect the dynamics via external stimulation 
 - observability analysis, e.g.,  to determine the optimal sensor-placement strategy allowing to reconstruct the overall dynamics

The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers from different fields (neuroscience, physics, mathematics, control engineering, computer science) to discuss the most recent advances on Wilson-Cowan and neural fields models and instill new collaboration opportunities on this topic. 


We look forward to seeing you there !


The organizers: Antoine Chaillet, Luca Greco, Dario Prandi