PostDoc "observers and reference governors with a focus on aerospace applications"

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Louisiana State University
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The Louisiana State University (LSU) Department of Mathematics has an anticipated opening for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to develop mathematical techniques for observers and reference governors with a focus on aerospace applications, as part of the US National Science Foundation funded project "Designs and Theory for Interval Contractors and Reference Governors with Aerospace Applications" which is collaborative with the Rutgers University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Prof. Laurent Burlion), with additional funding support from the US Office of Naval Research. The ideal candidate will have (a) a PhD in the mathematical sciences, (b) prior education in applied dynamical systems, especially control theory, with an interest in studying aerospace applications, and (c) an interest in proving convergence properties of control algorithms, presenting research in a mathematical way in publications and conference talks, and illustrating the algorithms using computer code. The position is subject to the availability of funds, and offers a competitive postdoctoral researcher benefits and compensation package. The position is anticipated to be available starting in 2024, and provides opportunities for professional development in a large mathematics department with excellent researchers in applied mathematics. Reappointment to future years is subject to the availability of funds. If interested, contact Michael Malisoff <> and include your CV as a pdf file including 3 professional references.