Master 2 internship: Energy Management of Microgrids Using Artificial Intelligence

Type de recrutement
LGP, équipe e-ACE2 (Tarbes)
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Ensuring energy security, environmental sustainability, technology cooperation, and socio-economic development are major priorities for the Energy transition in a context dominated by growing concerns over energy security, climate change, low carbon emissions and development. The global energy demands are growing more rapidly and particularly in the isolated areas (e.g., rural). To deal with this, the integration of renewable energy sources using the microgrid concept will be considered. To guarantee an optimal performance of these microgrids while minimizing the cost, a new smart energy management strategy based on advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques are required. To do so, we aim to collect a homogenous database (economical, environment, and author non-structural data,…), develop microgrid models using the Simscape toolbox of MATLAB (isolated and connected), propose management strategy based on advanced AI techniques.