Paper Invitation for Special Issue “Optimization of Sustainable Transport and Logistics Processes” in journal Sustainability

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Dear Colleagues,

You will find attached a call for paper for a Special Issue “Optimization of Sustainable Transport and Logistics Processes” that will be published in the journal Sustainability.

We would like to invite you and your collaborators to contribute an original research article or a review to this special issue.

More information can be found at:

We are interested in recent research advances in improving the sustainability of transport and logistics activities, ranging from the supply of raw materials to the transformation processes, storage, packaging, distribution and/or management of products at the end of their lifecycle. 

Main, but not exclusive, subjects to be:

· The formalization of new trends and challenges in logistics and transport, including supply chain management, involving one or several sustainability dimensions.

· The definition of new optimization indicators, criteria and metrics for sustainability assessment and optimization.

· Modeling, optimisation methods (operations research, simulation and artificial intelligence), decision support methods in a multi-objective context, or sustainability practices (collaboration, mutualization, intermodality/multimodality, etc.).

The deadline for paper submission is 13 April 2024, but you can submit your paper earlier if you wish, as papers will be published on an ongoing basis.

How to Submit:

Please visit the Instructions for Authors at:

 and submit your paper to our Special Issue from:

Best regards,

Guest editors: Marie-Ange Manier, Hervé Manier


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