Workshop "Methods and Algorithms for the Control of Complex Systems"

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Workshop "Methods and Algorithms for the Control of Complex Systems"

The workshop

“Methods and Algorithms for the Control of Complex Systems”

will be held at the Banyuls Observatory from 27th to 29th august 2024 and can accommodate up to 50 participants. All details (and registration link) here.

This workshop aims to discuss recent control methods and algorithms for analyzing the stability or guaranteeing the performance of complex dynamical systems. The speakers, mostly of international origin, will present work on a wide class of systems, non-linear, hybrid, or infinite dimension among others. Several classes of control will also be discussed, for example reset controls, with or without saturation, or those based on events or learning and artificial intelligence tools. Objectives include, among others, robustness of looped systems, anti-windup loops or multi-objective control synthesis, and convex optimization for stability. Applications will focus in particular on aeronautics and space, the control of physical systems with isolated nonlinearities, as well as epidemiological models.

The registration will be closed when the capacity will be reached. Do not wait too much.

The Organizers: Lucie Baudouin, Francesco Ferrante, Joao M. Gomes da Silva & Christophe Prieur.