Stage M2 - M2 Internship - Resilient control of a wind farm

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Laboratoire PRISME
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Brief description: The control of a wind farm is a challenging task because of the interactions between the wakes and the turbines: the wind turbines are coupled by the flow, yet their control as well as the incoming flow properties modify both the flow and the coupling. The internship will investigate reduced modeling (both physics-based PDEs and data-driven models) of the wind farm. Another internship in our lab, yet with a fluid mechanics major, will help in evaluating the models fiability and performances. Then an internal model based MPC will be developed to maximize the total electric production despite external disturbances.

Profile and required skills: Master 2 student in control theory or applied mathematics; with good programming skills (Scilab & Scicos or Matlab & Simulink). Advanced proficiency in English is also expected, as well as scientific curiosity since this work requires regular exchanges with the other internship student from another scientific community (Fluid Mechs).

Details and contacts are given in the enclosed pdf file.